Lantern Making Workshop

Sat 5th Oct

On Saturday 5th October at 10am until 4pm, there is a workshop to create Lanterns that will be used in Saundersfoots Christmas Lantern Parade

We want this to be a spectacular event with amazing lanterns. 

To help this to happen we are asking members to have lots of fun by joining in with organised lantern building workshops.

These workshops are run by a company called Span Arts who this year are involving lantern parades across Pembrokeshire with a view to creating a greater number and range of lanterns that can be shared.

If you would like to be part of the Lantern Parade: come along to a public lantern making workshop where the lanterns will be used for many displays across Pembrokeshire... including Saundersfoot's annual Lantern Parade in on Saturday 7th December 2019! 

Workshops dates and locations: 

  • Regency Hall, Saundersfoot on October 5th,

  • Broadhaven Memorial Hall on October 12th,
  • Oreil Y Parc St Davids on October 19th 
  • Haverhub, Haverfordwest on October 26th, 27th and 28th.

All workshops are 10am to 4pm.

There is a suggested donation of £2 a lantern.

The spectacular and much-loved Lantern Parade returns to Haverfordwest on Thursday 31st October at 6.30pm. Over The Moon Lantern and Light Event is a celebration of space and the night sky; marking 50 years since the 1st moon landing and imagining life beyond earth.

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