Business Forum - Corona Virus (COVID-19) Latest Saundersfoot Information Update 27th July 2020

Posted on Mon 16th Mar at 2:09pm

Cafe Culture
Local business owners met on Wednesday morning in Saundersfoot with Pembrokeshire County Council Street Care and Parking Manager Marc Owen, Street Care Officer Alistair Tyrrell and County Councillor Phil Baker. Following discussions at the Saundersfoot Chamber for Tourism (SCT) Business Forum on Monday night, Street Care Manager Marc Owen, who also attended the Forum, was happy to meet with cafe and restaurant owners to discuss and offer advice on setting up a cafe culture during the summer season.
The temporary additional shared space created last weekend can accommodate extra outside seating for the local food establishments and provide more room for the pubic on the street. The aim is to help local businesses with their reduced customer capacity due to Covid -19 restrictions at the busiest time of the year, help create space for the public queuing outside shops and assist with the Wales 2 metre social distancing legislation.
SCT Chair Dilys Hackett commented,
"As a Chamber for Tourism, we are working hard to help the sustainability of the village economy and provide as safe an environment as possible for everyone to be able to enjoy their time in the village. We hope our visitors and locals alike can help us to navigate our way through a very unusual time"

Summary - Business Forum 27th July
Thank you to all who attended last night's SCT Business Forum.

We received apologies from those who were unable to attend due to work commitments (thank you!) and the general feeling was for the Forum to continue as it provides a valuable platform to discuss ongoing covid-19 awareness, give feedback regarding safety procedures that are being implemented and suggest new ideas and/or tweak existing strategies to help keep Saundersfoot as safe as possible over the coming weeks.

Joining us last night was Pembrokeshire County Council Street Care Manager Marc Owen who answered queries and offered advice on the social distancing concerns that people had raised within the village.  We currently have additional space along Cambrian Terrace and The Strand to enable a 'shared space' for food establishments to have extra outdoor seating and the public to have a widened pavement area to help with social distancing and queuing outside shops.  It was felt that the public walking along the Strand did not seem to be using this space, opting to walk on the road instead.  It was felt signage may be necessary to encourage people to walk within the cordoned off area.  Marc Owen was happy to listen to discussions from Holly Thompson and Debbie Ludlow regarding managing social distancing between customers eating outside premises and the public walking past.   Marc Owen also informed us that a designated additional outside space was being considered for The Harbour Bar, infront of the premises on the pavement to help reduce customers consuming alcohol off the premises.  Marc Owen is meeting with Periwinkle and Little & Large Lite Bites in Saundersfoot on Wednesday to discuss and understand the concerns they have raised.  

Other feedback from those business owners who attended said most of their customers were positive about the safety procedures in place around the village and in the businesses. It was felt that the public were more confident about coming into shops and social distancing and procedures on the whole were being adhered to within the premises.  Cllr Neil Sefton mentioned that the SCC Facebook page had received a few negative comments regarding some blue badge parking spaces being allocated for shared space.  Cllr Baker reassured the forum that although some designated blue badge holder spaces had been temporarily 'lost', spaces had been retained in The Strand for access to the pharmacy and hair salon and other remaining spaces were unaltered.  There were still spaces available for blue badge holders to park in other bays outside Spar, along the Strand and Cambrian Terrace.  All feedback was noted with intent to report findings to the Pembrokeshire County Council.

The next Forum will be held next Monday 3rd August at the normal time of 7:00pm.

The link is as follows:
Meeting ID: 870 3270 6616 (No password required)

We look forward to seeing you again next Monday and welcome any feedback you may have regarding operating procedures within your own business, your customers views and personal observations.

Hope you all have a successful week!

Best wishes

Dilys Hackett and Holly Thompson
(Chair)                  (Vice-chair)
Business Forum - 20th July 2020

Thank you for attending Monday's SCT Business Forum via Zoom.

SCT Committee member Andrew Evans gave us an insight from UKHospitality into how the Covid-19 outbreak has impacted hospitality and what the industry can do to recover.

Saundersfoot PCSO Graham Kendall joined us to talk about the 'Operation Lion' scheme that is being implemented over the summer season and answered queries regarding potential anti-social behaviour due to consuming alcohol outside licensed premises.  For any concerns regarding mass gatherings (with no social distancing) anti-social behaviour and non-emergency situations we were advised to phone 101 (and dial 999 if you see any crime being committed or anyone in immediate danger).

Cllr Phil Baker gave an update on  'Cafe Culture' which is due to start this weekend.  The signs announcing the temporary reuse of the parking bays along the Strand and Cambrian Terrace were put up on Tuesday.  

Saundersfoot Community Councillor Chairman Neil Sefton raised concerns regarding social distancing complications with the queues for the Ice cream vendor situated at the top of the beach slipway.  Cllr Phil Baker is investigating.

Rita Gibson from the Chemist Inn brought up her concerns relating to another licensed premises in the village who she felt were not adhering to the government Covid-19 guidelines.  Rita wanted to know what could be done to ensure all licensed premises are operating in accordance with the new safety regulations.  Cllr Phil Baker has been made aware and will investigate.

The Visitor Team members have been a positive addition to the village and have been well received by local residents and visitors alike.

We are hoping to be joined again by another member of Pembrokeshire County County and a local PCSO. Our main topic for conversation will concentrate on the hospitality sector,  updates and feedback from the Cafe Culture and any questions you may have relating to reopening, safety procedures and best preactice for your business.

We understand many owners are busy running businesses, especially now the visitor economy has increased in the village and we encourage you to attend if you can.   You are welcome to 'drop in' anytime between 7:00pm and 8:00pm with any feedback you would like to offer or any questions we might be able to help with. Alternatively, please email us on with any queries and feedback prior to the forum.

Business Forum - 13th July

We were pleased to announce the introduction of Tourism Ambassadors to the village. 
Two Visitor Team members will be available to assist the public every day throughout the Summer period.  Their role will be to enhance the visitor experience to Saundersfoot:-
  • signpost visitors to local services and facilities
  • offer advice on beach safety,
  • car parking locations,
  • dog friendly areas of the village
  • general questions visitors may have 
  • monitoring the public bins and hand sanitiser stations
  • act as a reminder to the public about keeping socially distant. 

The Visitor Team members will be easily recognisable by their distinctive pink hi-viz vests.  

The 'Welcome to Saundersfoot" leaflet has been a useful aid to communicate the safety procedures the village has adopted in order to make everyone Covid-19 aware. 

We will be printing A5 versions for Saundersfoot businesses to distribute in their premises, for those who wish to do so, and our Visitor Team members will be handing them out to the public as they walk around the village.

We intend to continue with the Business Forum for another few weeks and will be looking to invite members of public and government bodies who may be able to help with any questions you may have relating to legislations and guidelines surrounding reopening your business. 

We are aware that business owners will start becoming busier and may struggle to attend the forum but we encourage you all to attend if you can or continue to email your questions through to us and we will be happy to help.